BunkerdogsUSA was founded in 2011 in Michigan. Ronald van Leeuwen and Monic Langeraar of Bunkerdogs Holland exported dogs to the USA to produce a strong line of working dogs here in the United States. The name Bunkerdogs is drawn from the Retired Dutch Police Dog MR Bunker, a son of Tommy Luijken.

Bunker pix

Tommy Luijken

BunkerdogsUSA has continued the strong lines from Bunkerdogs Holland and has also added other working lines to the kennel. We also have grand sons and grand daughters from Arco Roosen and Berry II that are used to produce strong working dogs. Other studs are out of Castor, Django and Duco II Seegers. We will also be utilizing Rico te Lindert as a stud in the future. We are proud to be able to utilize great Dutch imports as the foundation of our kennel. We will be able to produce strong dogs that will excel in police work as well as other sport venue.

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Top of the line working dogs.