cropped-9a604a4bfff89940f4cc19f2960ea10e.jpgThanks for checking out our site! A little background information on us for you. I was fortunate to purchase this business from Jeannette Mud. She has since moved back to Holland and has helped me bring in some great young dogs that will be using in our breeding program in the next year. These dogs come from exceptional working lines that are regularly used by the Dutch Police. They excel in police work in Holland, so we expect nothing less over here in the United States. I select dogs to be used for our breeding program with my contacts in Holland that have been producing police and strong work dogs for years. Being a working K9 handler here in the USA myself I know what kind of dogs are needed here to do the job. I have been a working K9 handler in Michigan since September 2001. While in basic K9 school, America suffered a horrendous terror attack. Since that day the need for quality police dogs has continued to rise. With the Military and Private contractors buying up large quantities of dogs from Europe it is vital that we breed dogs here in the USA to help fill the demand here. I pledge that BunkerdogsUSA will continue to try and find the best quality breeding stock and young import dogs to help you or your agency get the best dog possible. Contact me directly if you have questions. We look forward to serving you!


Top of the line working dogs.