brn 15154  
A son of retired Dutch PD k9 Bunker x German PD k9 Shady 
DOB 1-11-2008
KNPV PH Object 389 cl
Xrays Hips, Elbows, Back – “Good” rating
Pablo was trained by R. van Leeuwen in The Netherlands in KNPV object guard. He has an exceptional ability to switch between bitework and social drive. He has a strong, hard, full bite with punishing grips. He has extreme ball drive, is social to handler and family, is well balanced and has great nerve strength. He has proved to pass  these traits on consistently to his offspring. He has produced great litters with our females, and the feedback we get has been great no matter which female he has been bred to. Pablo can be bred to approved females.
brn 21023 
Grandson of the well-known Dutch Shepherd Tommy Luijken.
A son of Dutch PD k9 Iron x  ChaCha a Berry II daughter.
DOB 11-04-2011
Currently in training for police work. 
Xrays Hips, Elbows, Back – “Excellent” rating
Ike’s dad, Iron, a son of the well-known Dutch Shepherd “Tommy” (brn 2541, PH I 404 cl, PD) bred by D. van Leeuwen.   Ike is a substantial male weighing 82 pounds. He has hard crushing grips and will bite for real. He is currently in training to be a police dog. Ike is a Grandson of both Tommy Luijken and Berry II.  We expect a litter from him in 2014. Ike can be bred to approved females.
A young son of Castor BRN 19059 and out of Roxy an offspring of -(Benno II BRN 10171 x Tessa BRN 9957)
Chaos was imported from Holland in 2013 and is currently in training.

Top of the line working dogs.