560409_373753606028467_948395042_nSUMMER 2014

We are planning to breed TWIXX/IKE this spring and expect very strong work dogs from this litter. Theses dogs will be heavy boned and weigh between 75-85 pounds as adults.  We are now accepting deposits on this litter. Contact us at 269.214.8940 or fill out the form below.


We are excited to announce that Carbid/Ike were bred on May 9th, 2014. The last litter this combination had was very good. We expect medium sized dogs from this litter with strong nerves and tons of drive. This is a strong line breeding on Berry II. Ike is  a Tommy grandson and Carbid is a great granddaughter to Tommy as well. There are some strong working dogs in this line. Contact me for more info. Pups will be ready to go to their homes in August.

Top of the line working dogs.