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From Holland to the USA,  BunkerdogsUSA  has Tommy bloodlines in our stud Pablo,  and we have Berry II and Tommy  bloodlines in Ike.  Our future stud dog Chaos has Duco Seegers II in his bloodline. We  test our dogs in the real world on the streets,  so we know they have what it takes for police work.  We measure our dogs against their bloodlines in real police work here in the USA. With careful selection from our contacts in Holland we plan our breeding’s and  bloodlines for the future.   Bunkerdogs USA pays close attention to the study of the breeders from Holland through the www.Bloedlijnen.nl website. We will continue to strive to bring the best bloodlines here to the USA from Holland to fill the need for quality police dogs here.

IkeBunkerdogsUSA  always has a small number of quality Dutch Shepherds or Malinois police dogs available for sale. Our dogs are either bred by us or imported from Holland.  We offer an unbeatable 5 year health and workability guarantee. We focus on quality over quantity. If your agency is looking for its next work dog or looking to start a K9 program we can be of assistance. We look forward to building a strong, honest relationship with your agency now and in the future. Contact us to set up an appointment to see if we can provide your next work dog for you!  Contact us at  269. 214. 8940. BunkerdogsUSA’s owner is a current police dog handler and knows the quality of dogs that are necessary on the street.


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